Apple Picking Information

For Picking on Thursday and Friday (scroll down for weekend picking)
  • Check in at the Market for Picking Bags

Market entrance

  • Follow signs and walk out to the orchard

Apples arrow

For Saturday and Sunday

  • Walk up front for wagon that will take you out to the orchard.

To wagon sign

  • Once you are in the orchard – Look for “Picking this Row” and apple variety signs on the rows that are ripe for picking. Note: the Honeycrisp variety sign is an example only.  Check the PYO Current Updates to know what varieties are available.

This row for picking Honeycrisp

  • Please do not pick on other rows. Different apple varieties ripen at different times. During September through mid October there are many varieties that are NOT ripe yet. Check the PYO Current Updates to know what varieties are ripe and available for picking.

This row is not ripe. Do not pick here.

Apple Picking Technique

How to pick apples

And please remember to pick up apple that fall to the ground while you are picking. We are trying to reduce waste. Even apples that have a bruise or small imperfection can be trimmed and eaten or used in your recipes.

Rescue drops

When finished picking

  • Carry your apples to the wagon boarding area and return to the Market (walk back on Thursday and Friday)
  • You are required to pay for all apples you pick, so please pick no more then you want to purchase.
  • Price is 1.50 / lb. Our biggest bags can hold 20 or more lbs ($30.00 +)
  • There are no parking fees, entry fees, or wagon ride fees.

Dogs are not allowed on the grounds