Pick Your Own

Picking your own is a great way to enjoy the day surrounded by beautiful fields of berries and orchards. In the Summer months, there are Blueberries, Blackberries, and Flowers and in the Fall there are Apples of many different varieties. In the cutting garden you can wade through the waist high flowers and make up a special bouquet from the abundant selection. During weekends in September, October, and the first weekend of November there are wagon rides through the orchards for apple picking. All pick-your-own fruit is priced by the pound for whatever you pick, with no additional charges.

Pick your own is open rain or shine.  Hope to see you soon!

Please note that dogs are not allowed on the grounds.

Pick your own crops, approximate Seasonal Dates

  • PYO Blueberries Blueberries – June 25 to August 17
  • PYO Flowers Flowers – July 4 to Sept 26
  • PYO Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes – Aug 1 to Sept 14
  • PYO Cherries Cherries – June 25 – 27
  • PYO Blackberries Blackberries – Aug 6 to August 21
  • PYO Apples Apples – August 20 to Nov 8

We are at full capacity for apple picking today, Sunday, September 27.  Please plan to visit starting this Thursday when we reopen.  We are planning to implement a reservation system for future weekends through October.  Check our website for more information in a few days.

The crop is looking very good this season and different Apple varieties will continue to ripen and be available for picking through November 7.  Our Tractor and wagon will be running on Saturdays and Sundays through the apple season to take pickers out through the orchards to the trees we are picking.

With nice weather we expect to be very busy during the middle of the day on weekends.  If possible plan your trip for Thursday or Friday when we are less busy or for  weekends with less than perfect weather.  If the weather is clear and sunny during a weekend day, we recommend coming right at 9 am when we open or late in the day after 4 pm.   If our parking is full, we will have to send cars away until space opens up. Consider calling to check our parking status if coming mid day on weekends..

Masks or face coverings are required (as per the PA Order of 07/01) and must be worn at all times on the premises. An exception is made for individuals unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition or under two years of age. We also require physical distancing to be observed between parties and encourage groups and families to use the outdoor checkout to limit traffic inside the market.  Picking supplies and information can be found at the green tent. A hand washing station is available behind the barn. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Hours: Thursday to Sunday 9-6

Updated Sunday, September 27, 2020


Additional Apple Picking Information

PYO Morning

PYO Under an Apple tree

PYO Wagon load of pickers

PYO Blueberries

PYO Cherries

PYO Apples

Picking in the Blueberries

PYO Apples

PYO Blueberries

PYO Blackberries

A couple of pickers

PYO Apples